A shameless selfie of Donna with her brown hair pulled back and a grey knit sweater on.Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by.

My name is Donna and I’ve created this blog just for you.

In Forage For Bliss you’ll find my all-time favourite recipes that I’ve stumbled upon and want to share.

I mostly love food because it keeps me fueled up. But of course, that’s not all food can do for us. It warms us up, cools us down, comforts us, and can give us oodles more energy when we make conscious choices about what we consume.

I have come a long way in my journey with food. Through reading and my own trial and error I have developed a great connection between my diet and body. This is why I will also share informative books and lessons that have helped shaped my journey.

Note, when I say diet, I only use that word in the sense of talking about what I shove in my face. I refuse to count calories and track a number on a scale. That has never held any value for me, and you won’t see me talk about weight loss on this site. We’re all worth more than that.

Please, always feel free to share what you think about anything that you see on Forage for Bliss. Creating community is a great way for everyone to grow together!

Wishing you a full heart and a full tummy,


  • A white kettle, ginger, honey, tea and a glass mug.
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