Avocado Toast 2.0

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HOLD THE PHONE! I don’t know how I never thought to do this. Four words: avocado toast + nutritional yeast. Try it! It’ll change your hippie toast forever.

A picture of avocado toast with salt and nutritional yeast on a black plate.

I wasn’t feeling too hot the other day, and couldn’t be bothered to make a whole breakfast. I knew I had some hearty toast and ripe avocados. Perfect! Avocado toast it is. Then, as I was pulling out my sea salt from my cupboard, I saw my nutritional yeast flakes.

Boom! It hit me like a ton of bricks. What if I added nutritional yeast flakes to my toast?! So, after I “buttered” my toast with some coconut oil and sea salt, added my sliced avocado, and topped it all off with nutritional yeast.

A close up of avocado toast with salt and nutritional yeast on a black plate.

I love nutritional yeast for its vitamin B12 kick. Vitamin B12 is great for your blood cells and nerves. It can also help with megaloblastic anemia which can make people feel tired and weak.

Next time you’re feeling a little adventurous then add a buttery kick to your avocado toast with nutritional yeast! What are your favourite toppings for avocado toast?

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