Motivation for Meditation

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The title, “Motivation for Meditation” over the picture of a person meditating on a dock in front of mountains

Welcome to another Full Hearts post. I’m excited to finally get to share this post. It is one I’ve been planning on creating since the inception of Forage For Bliss. Today’s topic is meditating! *And the crowd goes wild*

Unfortunately, there probably isn’t any crowd going wild over the topic of meditation. It certainly isn’t as exciting as a dance party, vacation, or the Internet. Although, it hopefully ranks higher than doing homework.

A girl sits on a rock in front of a warm glowing sunset in the mountains

Despite how lack-luster the response might be for meditation, I love it. Meditation is part of my morning routine and is shown to have tons of benefits. Most mornings I’ll set aside 30 minutes to sit up comfortably, cross my legs, have my eyes closed and my mind as clear as I can manage. I focus on the sensations of my body in each moment. I’ll have another post that goes into how I meditate in the near future, but today I’m going to focus on why.

Having a regular meditation practice allows me to handle life’s surprises a little more easily. It puts things into perspective for me. Issues that used to seem like life or death situations become a little less dire and more manageable.

I think of my daily meditation practice as “general meditation” and find it different from when I use meditation with a more specific goal in mind, which I will refer to as “meditation as a tool”.

A close up of rocks stacked on top of each other in a meditative style

In general meditation it’s easier for me to see my faults and hold them with compassion. I am able to accept others more easily. Of course, I’m still working on loving everyone… that can feel like a gargantuan task at times (do I have to consider bad drivers people??).

Life is always go, go, go. Even my “relaxation time” is filled with stuff. Meditation is like opening a spout and letting some of the hustle and bustle stress run out.

With meditation as a tool I use meditation before specific activities to boost my focus, creativity, or clarity.

For example, before I go into a counselling session for myself I use meditation to get in touch with my intuition and to ground myself. In the sessions where I meditate beforehand I can cut to the core of my issues and insecurities more quickly. Those sessions tend to be exhausting, but effective!

Meditation is also a great boost for creativity. I meditate before painting so I can break down some of my negative self-talk before I start. That way my creativity can flow unbridled by my own self-conscious thinking. The next time you need to bang out a report for work or take on an artsy endeavor then try to take 10 – 15 minutes to sit comfortably in meditation first.

Someone doing some brainstorming in a journal over a white desk.

Finally, any time I’m feeling anxious or unsure about a social setting I’m about to walk into then I like to take a moment and do a mini-meditation. I’ll stop for a moment and switch my focus off my work, hair, or whatever I’m fussing about, and move it to my breathing. I recognize the excitement, or nerves, I am feeling, and appreciate them. Then I try to clear my mind for the next 5 breaths. After my mini-meditation I  may still have some nerves, but I’ve also gained a broader perspective on where I am. What was bothering me before feels less pressing and I can carry on more at ease.

Someone is shown in meditation on the end of a dock over a lake surrounded by mountains.

Have you ever tried meditation? Or do you currently have a meditation practice? Let me know what usually works best for you!


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