No-Spend November – Results

I did it! After 30 days of planning, saving, and reconsidering my purchases, I completed my 30 days of “no-spending.” Of course, I did spend money on gas, parking and food still. As per my rules, from the outset of the challenge all of my food came from the grocery Read more…

A cup of tea, ginger, and honey.

Struck Sick

Despite my best efforts to take care of myself, my go-go-go lifestyle has caught up with me. Even on the heels of a Life Balance workshop that I attended yesterday, I got sick today. I have a terrible habit of saying yes to doing as much as I humanly think Read more…

No-Spend November

Since this blog has started it has been fairly food-centered, which satisfies the full tummy portion of the tag line. But wait, what about the full hearts portion? Well, that’s what this post is excited to kick off! Today, I want to talk about spending habits. Since I live in Read more…

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